Winter Fly Fishing Tips for Montana Fly Fishing Trips January 07 2017

Montana fly fishing with dogsA few fair fishing days ahead, but still definitely on the cold side. A few tricks to make your day a bit more enjoyable if you head out there:

1. Apply Loon Ice Off Paste on your rod guides the night before to reduce ice build up.
2. Get yourself a pair of Simms ExStream Wading Socks…trust me
3. Try applying antiperspirant to your feet before hand to help keep them warmer.
4. Hand warmers are your friend. Foot warmers too if you have enough space for them.
5. De-barb your hooks, use a rubber landing net and do your best to release fish without getting your hands wet.
6. Fingerless gloves with the fold-over mitten are great for keeping your hands warm. They do take some getting used to though.
7. Err on the side of overdressing versus underdressing.
8. Take a thermos of hot chocolate or other hot beverage to warm you from the inside!

This time of year midge activity begins to pick up on the upper! Nothing like fishing a size 20 midge dry to a 20’ brown gently slurping off the surface! We are looking at some colder weather, so be prepared and expect your guides, fly line, leaders and flies to freeze up a bit. I recommend pretreating your stuff with Loon’s Ice-Off Paste the night before in a warm location. Take plenty of layers and some hot cocoa.