Thursday Night Fly Tying...Improved Disco Midge January 15 2017

Improved Disco Midge

Hook: Dai-Riki #135 Size 18-58 ;)

Thread: 70 denier, 8/0 or finer gel spun thread, color to match

Underbody: Thread

Body: Krystal Flash, Flashabou, or other pearlescent mylar

Rib: Fine copper wire, color of your choice

Thorax: Peacock Ice Dub or color of your choice (This is the improved part, as the traditional Disco would have been tied with peacock herl)

This is a great midge pattern that can be tied in a variety of sizes and colors and fishes great year-round! Not sure where it came from or when it was designed, but I was first introduced to it on the San Juan River. Makes a great dropper for a small midge dry as it isn't weighted and should not sink your dry fly.