Thursday Night Fly Tying...Soft Hackle Olive February 09 2017

Soft Hackle Olive

The Soft Hackle Olive is a simple pattern that is relatively easy to tie and is a great summer pattern here in SW Montana. Best used when caddis are actively hatching as it makes a great pupae imitation when wet. Would also fish well in waters with similar colored caddis larvae that may not be actively hatching at the time. Can also be tied without a bead, which would allow it to work better as a dropper under a dry fly or swing more naturally behind another nymph.

Hook: Dai Riki #135, or comparable Scud/Pupae type hook, size 14-18

Bead: Gold colored brass (optional)

Thread: Olive 6/0 or 70 denier

Body: Olive hare's mask dubbing

Rib: Medium copper wire

Hackle: Hungarian partridge