Wednesday Night Fly Tying...Wilcox's Little Green Machine December 14 2017

Vince Wilcox's Little Green Machine Pheasant Tail

*this fly is also available commercially in gray and chartreuse.

Hook: Dai-Riki #060 for longer body profile 16-20 or Dai-Riki #075 for shorter body/bigger gap 14-18

Thread: 8/0 tan (feel free to play with other colors)

Bead: Copper (sized smaller that other traditional beadheads)

Tail: Natural pheasant tail fibers

Body: Midge tubing red or pheasant tail

Abdomenal flashback (optional, usually on larger size only): Mirage opal tinsel small

Ribbing: Extra small copper wire

Thorax: Ice Dub pheasant tail

Wing: Antron or Sparkle Yarn white

Wingcase: Mirage Opal tinsel large