2nd Annual GRG's Montana Salmonfly forecast

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2nd Annual GRG's Montana Salmonfly forecast

Last year we got it good. This year is a little tougher...

With our warmer than average winter and now a rainy May, predicting when runoff will subside will be a challenge. Long term data shows the Gallatin and Yellowstone River typically peak around June 2nd. It is now June 1 and many of our rivers have not come close to hitting their peak flows. That is probably due mostly to a lower than average snowpack and snow water equivalent. So, what does all this mean for salmonflies? It means it is still an educated guess. Here's our best guess in GRG's 2nd Annual Salmonfly Roulette. Feel free to Facebook us if you agree or disagree!

Lower Madison River June 10
Upper Madison River June 13 
Gallatin River June 19
Yellowstone River June 23