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Guiding season has slowed down enough with the end of summer vacations to sit down with a few of our guides.  Since most of the veteran guides are still out working with long time clients, we decided to sit down with a few of our rookie guides that survived the entire summer.  It was tough to get ahold of them since they are out fishing for fun now, but they did take the time to answer a few questions.   


Meet Chaz Hart, Andrew Hay and Max Anderson.   


Your best moment of this first summer guiding:

CH: I took a guy out from Boston who had just been laid off and decided to spend the summer pursing the things he had always wanted to do but had always been too busy to do. Every fish of the day, even the small whitefish initiated the happiest of screams from him and the large brown trout he landed topped of the best day of fishing he had ever had. He told me at the end of the day he knew he would never have as good of a day fly fishing as he had that day. 


DH: As things started to roll and I began to get a little more comfortable I was able to find a rhythm and begin to enjoy the job with just a smidgen less stress.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not ready for kids, but something about watching a 7 year old girl catch her first trout on a size 10 Morrish hopper is amazing!  The look on her face will make every early morning and late night worth it.


MA: The best time I had was on a half day trip. We started off in the afternoon with a lingering thunder cloud in the distance and this was the end of July so my client wasn't prepared for a rain storm. We decided to do it anyways and almost as soon as we set foot in the river we found ourselves in a massive torrential downpour. We fished for twenty minutes or so before he was soaked to the bone and freezing. I decided to pull the plug, go back to the car for dry clothes and head down river to out run the rain. The rain let up about 20 miles downstream and in the time it took for the rain to quit, a fantastic mayfly hatch had begun. We got into a spot with literally hundreds of trout sipping emergers and went work. He was getting a rise every cast and I'm not sure if I could even guess the amount of fish we caught. Before I realized it, we had fished far past the length of a normal half day and it couldn't have been more fun. It was rough trip turned awesome.


Why you think you’ll guide again next summer?

CH: I had such a great summer guiding, meeting and getting to know great clients, teaching brand new anglers, and learning the rivers better than I ever could have as a hobbyist.  I am really looking forward to spending more time on the river next season with the opportunity to learn more about the rivers, and how to help clients catch more fish. I made a lot of great contacts in the guiding industry and I am looking forward to continuing to build my reputation as an excellent guide.


DH: I will guide next summer for two reasons.  One is the selfish thought of "that season could've been better" and the other is enjoying clients catching their first (or 100th) fish.  I am yet to find a person that doesn't crack even the smallest of smiles when they finally land that trout.  I know I do!


MA: If there's a way to get paid to be on the river all day, then there is absolutely no way I'll ever turn that down. Period.

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