That being said, Apres doesn't always have to take place at the ski area bar. With days getting longer and temperatures getting warmer, a morning of skiing and an afternoon of fishing is the "new normal" in our world. If you have to ditch your friends on the ski hill to get to the river, you can still make it to the bar in time to one up their skiing stories with both ski and trout stories.  


Here is a short list of our top picks for getting your "Apres on."  If you need help to have the best fish story possible, stop by the shop and stock-up on the latest and greatest.  


ON HILL - If your legs can last the whole day and fishing isn't on your radar


Scissorbills Saloon - The locals choice for a post ski beer or white russian.  A great place to get a true sense of the local ski culture here in Big Sky and get in a game of ping pong before heading home to the hot tub.  


Moonlight Lodge - The Moonlight Lodge is open to public after 2 pm and is a great place to enjoy some local Montana tap beers in the comfort of a world class lodge. Instead of the dirtbag local scene at Scissorbills you can meet most of the local real estate agents enjoying a beer here.  After a few beers you might find yourself living here.


ON THE RIVER - We like your style.  Morning ski, afternoon fish.  You deserve a beer.  


Gallatin Riverhouse - If the river ice has cleared, you can bring your beer out back and fish the Gallatin.  Very popular with locals and tourists alike the BBQ vibe at The Riverhouse can't be beat. There is also a good chance you'll end up pulling up a seat next to a local fishing guide.  They are easy to get info out of if you buy them a beer.  


320 Guest Ranch - The place to stop at on your way back from the Upper Madison or fishing near snowflake springs. Plan ahead and do an appetizer or desert sleigh ride, before or after a stellar dinner. Our favorite day of the week is Monday. Prime rib for $20. If that doesn't excite you after a day of skiing and fishing, there's always Tenkara. 


Rainbow Ranch - Also right on the river the Rainbow has one of the best happy hours in Big Sky (4-6 pm).  A fine dining experience with comfortable couches around a fire and plush chairs overlooking the Gallatin your half priced happy hour food and drinks will make you feel like your a king.