Curtis' Hi-Vis Flying Ant Fly Tying Recipe with Gallatin River Guides

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Curtis' Hi-Vis Flying Ant Fly Tying Recipe with Gallatin River Guides

This modified Curtis' Hi-Vis Flying Ant was tweaked a little to reduce the degree of difficulty. This has been a very effective pattern for me late summer on many rivers in Montana and elsewhere.

 Revised Curtis' Hi-Vis Flying Ant

Hook: Standard Dry Fly 12-18

Thread: 8/0 or 70 Denier rust, brown or red

Gaster (rear body segment): Black or Peacock Ice Dub

Node (thinner body segment between gaster and thorax): Thread

Thorax (front body segment): Golden Brown Ice Dub

Underwing: White Widow's Web over medium opal tinsel on each side

Overwing: Pink or other bright color Widow's Web

Hackle: This is where I'd experiment if you don't want to do a parachute post or invest in dry fly hackle. You can try starling, brown hen neck, cdc or wrap hackle around the shank vs. in a parachute.

*There are many ways to achieve the look of legs without dry fly hackle. I've found that investing in dry fly hackle can be a major roadblock for many incoming tyers due to it's significant cost. I've made an effort to minimize the number of patterns I teach that require dry fly hackle and have instead stuck to pattern that do not require it or that can be altered and still fish and float effectively.

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