Day Two. 10/26 Turnoff Flats Lodge. "Plan B is for Bonefish"

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Day Two. 10/26 Turnoff Flats Lodge. "Plan B is for Bonefish"

Plan B is for Bonefish

"Jimmy the Barracuda" with one of a handful of Bonefish landed on day two at Turneffe Flats


Day Two began with breakfast of huevos rancheros served with fresh papya. Armed with full bellies and clear skies, we headed out. Pops was eager to chase permit early, so we ran to a flat on which yesterday we’d seen several permit. Upon first passing a light layer of clouds rolled-in and fouled up our ability to see fish.


The remainder of the morning was much the same as banks of clouds rolled-in one after another. For those new to permit fishing, having bright sun is paramount to success. Without bright sunlight, seeing the definition of the flats and thus seeing permit is very difficult. Permit do tail, but, tailing permit near Turneffe Flats is not as common this time of year as others.  Others at the lodge were in the right place at the right time when the sun wasn't blocked by clouds and managed to land three Permit.  Pretty exciting day at the lodge for all involved!


"Tailing Bonefish" 


As the clouds built and the banks became thicker and more frequent, we decided to chase bonefish instead. But, first lunch. Permit would have to wait another day. 

Immediately after lunch we were in the bonefish. First a five pounder, then several larger to hand, and, which is always the case, bigger fish were spotted. We waded shallow grass flats and fished rocky coral reefs. Most fish were caught in calf-deep water on very shallow flies. If seeing fish and casting to cruising fish is your idea of a good time, Turneffe Flats has those bases covered well. 
And with Pops’ ability to find bonefish in less than ideal conditions, there’s always fish at which to cast.


Fingers crossed permit show themselves tomorrow.


Day Three update when it happens. 

Gallatin River Guides wishes to thank Hatch ReelsRL WinstonCF Burkheimer, and Simms Fishing Products for providing some test gear for the trip.

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