From Oilman to Oarsman. Tyson Nunley Guide School Grad

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From Oilman to Oarsman. Tyson Nunley Guide School Grad

Tyson Nunley grew up in Billings, Montana along the banks of the Yellowstone River. It comes as no surprise that when asked his favorite river you can hardly finish your sentence before he lets you know "The Yellowstone".  After spending some time in the Bakken Oil Fields and pondering a change in profession, a session with Montana Fishing Guide School helped Tyson migrate back to his home state to spend his time chasing trout instead of chasing oil.
How long have you been fishing?

I have been fishing for about 18 years.


When did you attend guide school?

I attended MFGS in March of 2015.


Why did you sign up?

I signed up for guide school to challenge myself and see if I had what it took to be a guide.


Why be a guide?

Working outside doing something I am truly passionate about. Even the new guy gets a great office!


Well said, the new guys do get a nice office most of the time.  What was your biggest takeaway?

I would say the best lesson I learned was that your interpersonal skill set is the most important piece of the puzzle. Even above your angling ability. 


Favorite memory?

One of my favorites. We had put in at  Wolf Creek bridge on the last day of school. The wind was so bad all my focus was on rowing the boat. My instructor Jimmy Armijo-Grover saw an oppurtunity to test me. He started skipping his indicator off the water two feet in front of the boat, casting straight off the transom etc. Somehow during his impression of a novice angler he hooks a fish. I was so flustered by this point, I muttered something like "if he wants it, give it to him." Jimmy immediately pointed his rod at the fish and broke him off. There was a lot of lessons hidden in there. We had a good laugh.


Are you guiding now?  

I didn't guide last year for GRG but I will be this season! Guide school definitely jumpstarted my career. In my case it would not have been possible without it.


Do you keep in touch with or fish with any friends made through guide school?  

I have stayed in touch with a couple guys from school. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to fish with them.


Why should someone sign up for guide school?

It's a challenging and very rewarding course. Taught by patient instructors who are professionals in the industry. Good first step for getting into guiding. Great way to meet people and be a better angler! 


Thanks Tyson. See you in the shop and on the Yellowstone! 

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