Anne Anderson attended guide school in April, 2015 and quickly jumped into the guide program at Gallatin River Guides.  Anne stayed busy last summer working in the shop, on the river and running our Gallatin River Gals free women's fly fishing clinics all summer.      


How long have you been fishing?

I've been fishing my entire life. Grew up on the Atlantic ocean sitting next to my dad reeling in flounder, red drum, and tons of rockfish. Fly fishing started when I moved to Montana about 10 years ago. I was fortunate enough to have a roommate to learn from. From the first day I picked up a fly rod, I've been enthralled in everything fly related.


Why did you sign up for guide school? Did you want to be a guide when you signed up or did you just want to improve your fishing skills?

I signed up to learn the business of guiding initially. While in class, I was really impressed with how much more I was exposed to than I expected. New techniques, rowing, reading water, and so on.


What made you want to be a fishing guide?

Fly fishing is a sport that you can never truly master. There is always new water, new species, new bugs to learn that it keeps me glued to the fact that your always learning something new. So with moving into the guide world, I'm able to experience new experiences through fishing. Travel, people, skills and most important, new breweries!


What was the best lesson learned from guide school? 

Best lesson I took in was how much work it really takes to make a great day on the water for your clients. You have a million things going on all at once and finding a way to prioritize those is something the instructors at guide school help you understand.


Best memory?

The entire week! The people I met, the rivers we floated, the fish we caught. The entire experience was memorable!



You guided with GRG last summer and will be again this summer.  Did guide school help jump-start your fishing career?    

By far. It allows the pros in the guide world to see what kind of guide you are and are capable of being. I think going through a guide school as a beginner trying to break into the guide world is very beneficial.


Do you still keep in contact with friends made in guide school? Still fish with any?

Kara Cain is my girl! We try to get together on our free days to fish new waters and catch up. There are a couple others that I see from time to time and am hoping to have a couple float days with soon.


Why would you recommend signing up for guide school?

Highly recommend! If your trying to become a guide it opens you up to what it's really like.