Make Your Grandma Proud: Fly Fishing Etiquette

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Make Your Grandma Proud: Fly Fishing Etiquette

Need some advice for better Montana fly fishing trips? Here's some tips! Always good to have some angling manners.....

  • Floating anglers should yield to bank and wade fishermen.
  • Wade fishermen should yield to boats when there is only one navigable channel.
  • Drift anglers should never pass another boat to cut in on water being fished.
  • Pick up trash, even if it's not yours.
  • Keep access points and ramps open by launching boats quickly.
  • Conserve the resource. Know the fishing regulations.
  • Do not trespass on private land. Stay below the high water mark.
  • Don't let your actions affect someone else's fishing pleasure. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated, but understand that they may not share your sense of ethics.