Montana Fly Fishing Guide Catches Permit on SECOND CAST

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Montana Fly Fishing Guide Catches Permit on SECOND CAST

"Hey, so we are gonna catch nine Permit each right?"

That's one of the first things I asked our guide.  I could tell he was a gonna be a cool guy and could take a hard time.  Being a guide, I had to try it. It's a question I get almost everyday so it only felt right to pass it on.  


We started our first morning with delicious breakfast, great coffee, and excitement buzzing in the air.  As we headed down to the dock Max and I were wondering what we got our selves into. We had never been guided and had never fished salt. 


We hop out on the boat and our guide Mark speeds off. We are on our way. Finally. After months of waiting for this moment, it is happening.


We hit a flat and start fishing.  Max is up first and makes a couple casts with the 10 wt.  We get the 10 wt. out with line on the deck and have the 8 wt. in the boat with line also pulled out. We pole about 2 minutes and max hammers a bone. 


One fish switch, I'm up.  Similar story. We go back and forth for about an hour a half, hitting bone fish one after another.


Max hits a big bone and as we leader it Max accidentally broke the fly off. He says "hop up and just fish the 10 wt. I'll fix this fly."


So I'm up there just hanging out. Feels like forever but at this point we had so much action it's a little skewed. It was 7 minutes.


Mark calmly says "permit, 10 o'clock."  


I don't see it.  I'm lost out there, I haven't seen a single fish to this point, but I trust Mark and I listen (side note, please for the love of that's holy, listen and trust your guide!) Mark says, "cast out line, I'll tell you when."  I start casting and it's not going well. I get out the long distance of 20 feet out there (ha!). Mark says "drop it!"  I drop. It's short, to the left, lands hard, and was an all around open cast.  I strip twice, pick up, and try again. Same exact cast. Mark saw one turn though. "Leave it."  I do.  Two seconds go by, "strip it". I do. "Strip it".  I do. He eats. I miss. "Strip it". I do. He eats again.  Five strips, two casts, and one hook set later, "PERMIT ON!" I yell. 


I'd rather be lucky than good!


Drew Hay


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