Montana Women's Fly Fishing School

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Montana Women's Fly Fishing School

Join us this July for our Montana Women's Fly Fishing School.


The Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School Mission:


"To educate, enlighten, and inspire women fly fishers in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. 

To fish and have fun."


Fly fishing is equal parts challenge and fun. At the Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School we’ve also learned our relaxed approached is a huge part of our success. This doesn’t mean we don’t get after it. Our week-long school is full of fishing and learning, but there is also plenty of time to put your feet up and enjoy the view.


We like to think of our chilled-out style as “drinking champagne out of the bottle.”


Visit our website for all of the information and to sign up.


Our school itinerary and schedule is one of a kind. Mornings are spent enjoying coffee and breakfast while in a classroom environment, then it’s off to the river. Evenings are unstructured for you to wind down on your own time.

Your week

  • Day One: Monday   Arrival in Big Sky by 8 AM.
    Classroom: Introductions. 
    Casting instruction: fundamentals, fixing mistakes, and specialty casts like the roll cast, double haul, reach cast, and more.
    Fishing: Professionally guided Gallatin River walk-and-wade fishing.
    On the water topic: reading the water.
  • Day Two: Tuesday
    Classroom: Breaking down the tackle and gear mystery. Right gear for the right time. Fitting women’s specific gear, waders, and fly rods.
    Fishing: Professionally guided float fishing on the Upper Madison River.
    On the water topic: hooking, fighting, landing, and release fish.
  • Day Three: Wednesday
    Classroom: Tie better knots. Learn the basic knots and some special knots. Clinch knot, blood knot, double surgeon’s and more.
    Fishing: Professionally guided float fishing on the Yellowstone River.
    On the water topic: Prospecting with a dry fly.
  • Day Four: Thursday
    Classroom: Entomology 101 and fly pattern selection. Learn the bugs the trout want to eat and the flies that work the best.
    Fishing: Professionally guided fly fishing on one of the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks or angler’s choice.
    On the water topic: Take what the river gives you: fish specific to the conditions.
  • Day Five: Friday
    Classroom: Advanced strategies. Headhunting with dry flies, deep-water nymphing, reading water, and everything else under the sun!
    Fishing: Professionally guided fly fishing on area waters—angler’s and guide’s choices.
    On the water topic: Photography. Get the best from your fishing pictures.
    Evening: graduation party with a guest speaker.

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