Must Have Wet Wading Gear

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Must Have Wet Wading Gear

Mid-July in Big Sky is great for many reasons, but by far my favorite on is that its wet wading season!  The waders can stay in the garage and you can feel the water running past your legs and taking a dip.  Only a few months of the year in Montana are nice enough to remind your skin what the sun feels like, so you have to take advantage!  


We put together a short list of must have items to make wet wading as comfortable as possible this summer.


Simms Rip-Rap Shoe ($109.95) Pictured Above

Perfect for hiking into your favorite creek, a day on the boat or driving hole to hole on the Gallatin the Rip Rap shoe is perfect for wet wading.  The Vibram sole helps keep traction in the river and in the bar while telling your buddies about the one that got away.    


Simms Neoprene Sock (24.95) Pictured Above or Guard Sock ($39.95)

The Simms Neoprene Wading Sock is a perfect fit in the Rip-Rap shoe.  Keep your feet warm and eliminate any skin irritation from going barefoot.  The Guard Sock is great if you wet wade in your regular wading boots, eliminating gravel from entering your boot.  


Simms Guide Short ($69.95) Pictured Above

Water resistant, fast drying nylon shorts are the wet waders best friend.  Wade up to your waist and have dry shorts by the time you are done with lunch.  


Simms Taimen Tricomp LS Shirt ($149) Pictured Above

Sun protection, fly box chest pockets and loops for hanging accessories.  This shirt does it all for the angler that doesn't want a pack and travels light on the river.   


Patagonia Vest Front Sling ($89)

Walking far from the car? Might rain?  Need the extra box of streamers just in case?  Patagonia's sling pack has room in front for small fly boxes, floatant and tippet, with plenty of room in the back for an extra layer, fly box and lunch.  


Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp Scissors ($19.99) Pictured Above

Two accessories in one, with a strong enough clamp to trust clamped onto a shirt while hiking through the woods.  No longer a need for both forceps and nippers,  mitten clamp scissors are a must own accessory.

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