The Water Haul/Tension Cast

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The Water Haul/Tension Cast

In our previous blog we gave some simple instruction on how to set up a double nymph rig.  If you missed it check it out here.  Now that your all rigged up, it is important to know how to cast this setup.  With the indicator, weight and two flies, getting all tangled up is pretty easy.  Spending half your day untangling your line means a lot less fish to the net.


Amy Wiezalis practicing her water haul cast with a big horned audience on the Gallatin

Photo: Shane Stalling


Overhead casting a double nymph rig is asking for trouble.  Instead you want to use what is called either a water haul or tension cast.  Before you get nervous about learning a "new cast", this cast is much simpler than an overhead cast.


This cast uses both water tension and the force of the current on your line to load your rod.  Utilizing the water tension to load the rod helps you make effortless upstream casts without having to make any false casts.  This helps eliminate the chances of a tangle with a double nymph rig.  


To make this cast, start with your line downstream of you and tight.  Start with a slow lift of the rod to break the tension with the water.  Twist your wrist either right or left  (depending on what way the water is flowing) so that your thumb is on top of the cork, facing where you want to case.  This helps you aim where you want the flies to go.  With tension on the line, cast your line about 45 degrees upstream.  The forward cast is not much different than a normal cast, make sure your rod tip stays high.  Your flies should land upstream of your indicator and with a small mend or two you should get a nice long drift.


When your drift is complete, let your flies stay tight and swing back into position downstream of you and repeat.  Just like everything, practice makes perfect!


If you are a visual learner the guys over at Gink and Gasoline have this quick video lesson.



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