Thursday Night Fly Tying...Charlie Craven's Jumbo JuJu Chironomid

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Thursday Night Fly Tying...Charlie Craven's Jumbo JuJu Chironomid

Jumbo JuJu Chironomid

Hook: Natural Bend, sizes 8-14

Thread: White 8/0 and Black 6/0

Head: White brass bead and five or six turns of .020 lead (or non-lead wire)

Body: Super Hair (colors of your choosing)

Wingcase: Pearlescent tinsel

Thorax: Ice Dub (color to match)

Gills: White antron, zelon or comparable

Clear coat: UV glue or head cement



Check out this video from In the Riffle on YouTube:


What is a chironomid you ask? Here is an answer to that question that I found on a fly fishing forum that asked the same question. Do not take my work for it, but seems like an informed answer to me


Insects of the order Diptera include a diverse number of families, and the family Chironomidae is one of them. Mosquitoes (Cuculidae) and craneflies (Tipulidae) are other families within that order. Other families include blackflies, no-see-ums, and snipe flies. There are ]many genera within the family Chironomidae possibly as many as fifty here in Washington state. ROGER, THIS SOUNDS LIKE A JOB FOR TAXON!!!


Midge is simply the common name for any small fly, while chironomid has a special meaning; an insect of the familyChironomidae. The name chironomid can be, and is, applied to all life stages (larva, pupa and adult) of any member of that family.

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